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(Not free but good and inexpensive shareware - Fleximusic, click on the banner or this link to visit!)

Updated 2/1/08 - I eliminated a bunch of old, dead links, added a couple.

Please check out, for the band I'm in now, or check out for the free improv band I used to be.  I see this page is getting lots of traffic, so it'd be great if you would please make a visit in return for the hosting.  Thank you.

Useful sites containing free samples.   I am not endorsing them nor can I speak to whether their samples can be legally used or are even legally posted.  All I know is they provide free samples.  If any of these do not appear to work OR if you find evidence of illegal activity, please let me know (if reporting something illegal, please be specific, I do not want to remove a link on vagaries)!  Also, let me know of free samples published out there - please do NOT advise me of commercial sites, unless they have a page that immediately accesses free stuff easily.  Thanks. 

Here's a utility that will search the web for samples you describe - has lots of parameters, looks good - it's at

A GREAT utility page, check out

Sites containing WAV, AIFF, and/or MP3 formats (may include other formats) - Modularsamples has some great samples and in particular has samples for Kontact and other tools, as well as AIFF files - Cyberworm's sample blog; self-described as "Free music samples, loops and synth patches site. Only high quality non-compressed and royalty free sounds," this is a blog-styled site with various sorts of samples, many provided by request - great selection of samples, you do have to register though - site featuring, as the name implies, sample swapping, zero advertising, free good stuff! - has an assortment of wav files (music sounds and beats) BUT PLEASE NOTE you have to sign up for their email list - delivers "beats by mail", you sign up for an e-mail and get random beats - free loops page from a commercial site, all "Acidized" wav files - large number (nearly 1,000 at this posting) of samples by genre, nearly all loops; don't let the really annoying pop-ups (they're harmless) bug you too much or you'll miss out - movie clips in wav format - requires a sign-up but no credit card or any real personal info (just e-mail, password, user name) and has a good confidentiality policy.  They will e-mail you but not intolerably (just once or twice a month) and they have a wide variety of samples.  If you are hesitant, e-mail me and I'll let you know how it's working for me. - free sounds at the bottom of the page of percussive sounds - several instrument samples, mainly keyboard with some mellotron and drum machine samples, in wav format and notably includes S5/6K programs for those sounds - samples of percussives and more, go to "Mighty Wight Samples" in the frame menu - free breakbeats and other samples - includes drums, drum grooves, and a few other things - basses, guitars, synths, atmospheres, sfx, etc. - drum loops both mp3 and Acidized - breaks and musical samples galore - all sorts of loops, drum/bass/guitar/etc. - "Kalava Drum Archive" - a small number of free loops in mp3 and REX format - all sorts of sound effects, a search library - they have musical samples ranging from beats to synths to guitars, pretty all-purpose - also have musical samples ranging from beats to synths and what-not - basic sounds and effects; includes 3d stuff and downloads of ex5 and terradata format - wav and akai samples, sounds and beats

Sites with exclusively .td0 (AKAI) format (NOTE - some of the above also may have .td0 files, so check!)

A demo page of free .tdo files can be had at

Sites that are basically just links to other sample sites (may be some redundancies with above):

There's also a great sample link site at - I have not attempted to duplicate their links, though some are duplicated - but they have a banner (seriously, you should check it out).